I run a successful marketing agency with a great passion for getting it right. I was once a client but for 25 years have been head of an agency. This has hopefully allowed me to understand what turns clients on and off.

In my experience, the client presses their off button for a number of reasons. The agency not understanding the brief; coming back with an off-brief response; taking too long to respond; submitting a final proof with typos and errors.

I am delighted to say that these criticisms are rarely voiced at us - because we try very hard to take care. We may not be perfect, but we strive to get as close to that aspiration as we can.

If you were to speak to any of our clients, I think they will say that they deal with thring because we are nice people to do business with and that we are very successful at getting it right. That’s all we want to do!!

bryan thring
managing director